The End of an Era

For the past seven-plus years, I’ve been writing professionally for a top-notch online publication called the Hockey Writers. Being a part of the website has afforded me many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I’ve co-authored a book, obtained media credentials and had the privilege of being a freelance reporter on CTV News.

Although I love writing about hockey, I’ve decided through the Lord’s guidance that it’s time to move on from the world of sports journalism to focus full time on the work of the Kingdom.

I’ll still be writing on my personal blog, and plans are in the works for my first book. I am also in the beginning stages of launching a ministry geared towards helping and supporting same-sex attracted Christians. (Read my testimony here)

I’m forever grateful to the Hockey Writers team for giving me a chance, and paving the way for my writing career. I look forward to what’s ahead as I turn the page on one chapter and open the next.

Thank you to all my supporters. You can now follow me on Twitter @onlymarcy51

marcy dimichele

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